Doppler Radar

Our doppler radar has seen many improvements since 1995. Here, we find one of our Electronics Technicians tuning the radar.

An electronics technician tunes the dopper radar.

The radar requires much care in order to work at peak efficiency.

The counter weights on the radar dish.

Counter weights balance the radar dish to make it easy to change elevation.

The hatch to change the aviation light bulb.

When the light bulb on top of the radar dome needs to be changed, technicians climb this ladder and open the hatch at the top of the dome.

An electronic technician leaves the radar dome.

An electronics technician leaves the radar dome. It is over 100 feet to the top of our radar tower.

Dizzying array of stairs.

Here are the stairs that one must traverse to reach the top.

A view of the entire tower including the dome.

Full view of the radar tower.

Top of the radar.

More information is available about the radar.

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