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Flood Warning

1053 AM CDT THU JUL 30 2015

...From the National Weather Service in Little Rock...the Flood
Warning continues for the following river in Arkansas...

  White River At Augusta affecting White and Woodruff Counties

  Cache River Near Patterson affecting Jackson and Woodruff Counties

River forecasts are based on current conditions and rainfall
forecasted to occur over the next 12 hours. During periods of
flooding...Evening forecasts are reissued with updated rainfall

Observed and forecasted stage data plots are available on our
Advanced Hydrologic Prediction Service web page at...
Under the Current Conditions section...Select River and Lakes AHPS.


Safety message...Remember to Turn Around...Don`t Drown
Do not drive cars through flooded areas.

Everyone with property or other interest along streams and rivers
should remain alert to changing weather forecast. Should conditions
change...Look for river forecast or Flood Warnings for use in


1053 AM CDT THU JUL 30 2015

The Flood Warning continues for
  The Cache River Near Patterson.
* until late Monday night...Or until the warning is cancelled.
* At 10:00 AM Thursday the stage was 9.0 feet.
* Minor flooding is occurring and Minor flooding is forecast.
* Flood stage is 8.0 feet.
* Forecast...The river will continue to fall to below flood stage by
  Sunday evening.
* Impact at 8.0 feet...Low swampy timberland along the river begins to
  flood. Flood gates should be closed and equipment moved out of the low
  grounds along the river and tributaries.


             Fld     Observed                 Forecast 7 AM
Location     Stg   Stg  Day Time    Fri    Sat    Sun    Mon    Tue

Cache River
  Patterson    8   9.0 Thu 10 AM    8.8    8.5    8.2    7.8    7.5


LAT...LON 3510 9133 3522 9128 3539 9123 3538 9113
 3521 9117 3508 9122


Flood Advisory

1133 AM CDT THU JUL 30 2015

...The Flood Advisory continues for the Mississippi River...
  Mississippi River at Osceola affecting Mississippi...Lauderdale
  and Tipton Counties

...The National Weather Service in Memphis TN has issued a Flood
Advisory for the Mississippi River...

  Mississippi River at Tunica Riverpark affecting Lee and Tunica


The next River Statement will be issued tonight or sooner if conditions

For graphical river and flood information...please go to and click near Memphis on the map. Then select Rivers
and Lakes AHPS under current conditions.

Do not drive through flooded areas...turn around don`t drown.

Stay tuned to your weather radio and your local news media for the
latest river information.


1133 AM CDT THU JUL 30 2015

The National Weather Service in Memphis TN has issued a
* Flood Advisory for
  the Mississippi River at Tunica Riverpark
* from Thursday July 30 until Monday August 03.
* At 10 AM Thursday the stage was 40.7 feet.
* Flood stage is 41.0 feet.
* Forecast...The river will rise to near 41.0 feet Thursday July 30.
* At 41.0 feet...Casinos are open and unaffected. Tunica Cutoff Lake
  is flooding camp lots and Riverside Drive in Lakeview Camp. In
  Arkansas, road to farmstead inside the levee near the southeast
  corner of Lee County is flooded. Water is against the toe of the
  Arkansas levee in extreme Sothern Crittenden County in places and
  most all the way around Midway Lake.


LAT...LON 3491 9062 3491 9022 3480 9034 3450 9051
      3455 9059 3476 9074


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